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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SHOCK: Landeryou Endangers Children

Team Make Landeryou Pay reveals that Andrew "fats" Landeryou has hypocritically exploited a child for his own financial benefit.

Andrew Landeryou has exploited a child in a gross and amoral political attempt to blacken the name of a political party (the wacky Greens Party), and is raking in the advertising dollars while doing so.

What's more, the child (inappropriately named by Landeryou) is a student at a specialist school.

Team Make Landeryou Pay has obscured the identity of the child.

On 6 November, Landeryou lambasted his muckraking rival and People Power co-founder, Stephen Mayne, saying:
In Mayne's column in the bankrupt scandal-prone email newsletter Nameless Mayne disgracefully referred to his three year child (we won't be mentioning the gender) by name and discussed personal happenings in his household that related to the child.

It was a disgraceful lapse in a reasonably well-established doctrine that politicians are very careful to protect their children from publicity of any kind. It's not an easy life for the kids of those in public life and that's the reason why responsible parent politicians are scrupulously careful to leave their kids well out of it.

Acting in such a putrid and exploitative manner towards his own kids is probably the only thing the OC might not have expected from Mayne. He has firmly established now that he has no limits or moral compass. He is clearly not capable of responsibly supervising children.
Landeryou, who advertises heavily on his slander-site, appears to revel in the fact that he is making advertising dollars off the image of a student at a specialist school. Landeryou, if he has any decency at all (and we don't think he does), will immediately promise to donate any and all income he has received from advertising since 9 November.

We at the Make Landeryou Pay Team strongly recommend you help us get Landeryou off the streets so he cannot benefit from the exploitation of children any further.

The Victorian Office for Children (Child Protection) can be contacted on 13 1278 and online here. You can also write to them on:
Child Protection and Family Services
9/50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3001
And email them: OfficeForChildren at


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