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Monday, November 27, 2006

SEX CRIMES - Landeryou admits he is an Exhibitionist

Landeryou, on Saturday night, revealed that he harbours sexual perversions of the kind he accused Greens candidate Justin Walker of having.

On popular polling blog, The Poll Bludger, Landeryou threatened:
If People Power win a seat anywhere I will dance a jig naked in Federation Square
Investigations are being made as to whether Landeryou's profile appears on exhibitionist websites, although Landeryou recently acknowledged that he was celibate.


At 12/03/2006 01:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment is both unfair and defamatory. It is the sort of material one finds on the wall of a public lavatory.

Andrew Landeryou is one of the best journalists in Australia. He has just won a Walkely Blog award and justly so. Below is what the Walkley award page says. I know Andrew is too humble to publish it himself but I am as I think all blog readers ought to be aware why he won the award. He won it for excellence and the award is well deserved:

This award is given in recognition of the best and most well informed election commentator/blogger during the 2006 Victorian State Election.

The number of award winning news breaking stories published on Andrew Landeryou's web site is unsurpassed in quality and quantity. Andrew has set down the challenge taking on the main media and online media and surpassing both in news and content. His editorialising is funny, witty, amusing, and informative. One of the best reads on the Internet.

At 4/05/2009 09:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Landeryou Crime List

• Multicentre Australia
• Global Tertiary Solutions
• Century Bet
• IQ Corporation Pty Ltd
• IQ First Pty Ltd
• IQ Interactive Pty Ltd
• IQ Services Pty Ltd
• IQ Sports Pty Ltd
• Message IQ Pty Ltd
• Marbain Pty Ltd
• Lush Bar Australia Pty Ltd
• Sunrock Ltd (Hong Kong Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the $1 million from the Marbain scam)
• Institutional Services Pty Ltd (a company owned and operate by Landeryou that subcontracted cleaning and building services from MUSU using non-union labour. The contracts were illegally awarded to this company by MUSU).
• Arrowhead Media Sales Pty Ltd (Landeryou sent $100,000 from the Marbain swindle back from Cyprus to this company)
• Avonwood Ltd (Cyprus Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the Marbain swindle $1 million from HK Sunrock)
• Aussie Gourmet Bites Pty Ltd
• Zoe’s Emporium Pty Ltd
• Australian Halal Poultry Pty Ltd
• Optima Property Development Group Pty Ltd
• Training Events Pty Ltd
• National Retail Investments Pty Ltd
• Lan Capital
• BV Sachsen Group Australia Pty Ltd
• Pacific Insight Marketing Pty Ltd
• Turning Point Debt Solutions Pty Ltd
• Citizens Against Poverty Pty Ltd (a fake charity set up by Landeryou)


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