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Monday, November 06, 2006

Landeryou Hates Freedom of Speech

Dear reader,

Andrew Landeryou has banned the notorious freedom blogger "Make LanderyouPay" from commenting on his "OC" slander-factory web-site.

Insiders with Landeryou commented that the bankrupt blogging spiv is "terrified" that the recent email sent by "" guru, Mayne, will undo his alleged white-collar-criminal-empire.

If Landeryou were truly committed to the democratic freedoms he espouses, he would let us comment freely. Instead, he operates like Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot, in stiffling freedom of expression.

The Make LanderyouPay team will continue to hold this alleged fraudster to account.

The team here at MakeLanderyouPay recommends you email the DPP at director at and report Landeryou's alleged criminal activities.

We will name the shameless and shame the nameless.


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