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Thursday, November 23, 2006

CYBERCRIME: Landeryou's IP Theft Spree

Dear readers

We reported on Wednesday that we had received information that Landeryou was currently engaged in criminal activity (didn't he learn from his imprisonment over the Optima theft, that crime doesn't pay?).

Now we reveal the secret that Landeryou didn't want you to know.

Landeryou has repeatedly stolen the Intellectual Property (IP) of scores of individuals, companies and groups, and used them on his website without permission or attribution. What is worse, Landeryou has engaged in cybercrime, through the constant and unapologetic theft of bandwidth.

We invite you to visit his Flickr account, where Landeryou hosts numerous stolen images.

Many of the images hosted on Landeryou's Flickr account are the Intellectual Property of prominent media groups such as Fairfax, News Ltd, and less prominent media groups such as Indymedia. Landeryou has also stolen the IP of political parties such as the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party and the Greens, from organisations such as MU Student Union Ltd (a University of Melbourne owned subsidiary), and individuals' websites (such as MySpace).

Landeryou also engaged in cybercrimes (bandwidth theft) against major media companies (such as the New York Times) through linking directly to images hosted on their servers. This means that the bandwidth theft victim (NYT) has to pay for the image to be loaded on his website. This activity has been linked to the even more serious cybercrime of "Denial of Service" attacks.

This is no victimless crime - Landeryou benefits from substantial advertising revenue (as admitted here) from his slanderous website. This means that he benefits from the proceeds of his crime, which is now more seriously punished in Victoria after the State Government introduced new laws.

What can you do?

Cybercrime and IP theft are serious crimes.

You can report Landeryou's activities to the Federal Police. We at Team Make Landeryou Pay recommend you visit this site for more details.

You can also visit the Federal Government's website, IP Australia, to find out what you can do to stop Landeryou from profiting off of his theft.


At 4/05/2009 09:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Landeryou Crime List

• Multicentre Australia
• Global Tertiary Solutions
• Century Bet
• IQ Corporation Pty Ltd
• IQ First Pty Ltd
• IQ Interactive Pty Ltd
• IQ Services Pty Ltd
• IQ Sports Pty Ltd
• Message IQ Pty Ltd
• Marbain Pty Ltd
• Lush Bar Australia Pty Ltd
• Sunrock Ltd (Hong Kong Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the $1 million from the Marbain scam)
• Institutional Services Pty Ltd (a company owned and operate by Landeryou that subcontracted cleaning and building services from MUSU using non-union labour. The contracts were illegally awarded to this company by MUSU).
• Arrowhead Media Sales Pty Ltd (Landeryou sent $100,000 from the Marbain swindle back from Cyprus to this company)
• Avonwood Ltd (Cyprus Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the Marbain swindle $1 million from HK Sunrock)
• Aussie Gourmet Bites Pty Ltd
• Zoe’s Emporium Pty Ltd
• Australian Halal Poultry Pty Ltd
• Optima Property Development Group Pty Ltd
• Training Events Pty Ltd
• National Retail Investments Pty Ltd
• Lan Capital
• BV Sachsen Group Australia Pty Ltd
• Pacific Insight Marketing Pty Ltd
• Turning Point Debt Solutions Pty Ltd
• Citizens Against Poverty Pty Ltd (a fake charity set up by Landeryou)


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