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Friday, December 15, 2006

Landeryou admits he is servant of Stephen "Dalek" Conroy

Dear readers,

Andrew Landeryou has revealed that his "inside" contacts with the ALP are non other than Stephen Conroy and factional chieftain Fiona Richardson MP.
It is sadly true - although something I could not admit at the OC - that I am in fact not a real journalist but am merely a mouthpiece for the musings of the all-powerful Labor Right Rooster/Dalek/Dad/Senator Steve Conroy or alternatively Pokies Pusher/Extra Terrestrial David White or alternatively ALP Boss/Chieftain/Wedding Host Fiona Richardson or the fun loving President of Israel.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

FEDERAL POLICE CALLED IN: Landeryou Disciple Fraud

Dear readers,

We have been piecing together the facts of the tawdry tale of one of Andrew Landeryou's right-hand men, after receiving several emails.

This story, which is more complex than we once thought, involves tax fraud, identity theft and the Federal Police.

We can reveal that Darren Ray, former MUSU president, bankrupt thug, and disciple of Andrew Landeryou has been interviewed by the Tax Office and the Federal Police.

We can also reveal that Darren Ray has been implicated in identity theft.

More to come...

Monday, November 27, 2006

SEX CRIMES - Landeryou admits he is an Exhibitionist

Landeryou, on Saturday night, revealed that he harbours sexual perversions of the kind he accused Greens candidate Justin Walker of having.

On popular polling blog, The Poll Bludger, Landeryou threatened:
If People Power win a seat anywhere I will dance a jig naked in Federation Square
Investigations are being made as to whether Landeryou's profile appears on exhibitionist websites, although Landeryou recently acknowledged that he was celibate.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Snap: Landeryou Caught?

Is this Landeryou walking RonnieDear readers,

A devoted fan has sent us this happy snap that allegedly shows that out of shape Landeryou walking his surrogate-child, the dog Ronnie.

Our colleagues at Slanderyou have recently raised reports that Landeryou, with his sedentary life-style and diet of Big Macs, has ballooned in weight. This picture appears to confirm their fears.

We at Team Make Landeryou Pay welcome all reader correspondence. It is flooding in, so don't be shy. Email us at MakeLanderyouPay at

CYBERCRIME: Landeryou's IP Theft Spree

Dear readers

We reported on Wednesday that we had received information that Landeryou was currently engaged in criminal activity (didn't he learn from his imprisonment over the Optima theft, that crime doesn't pay?).

Now we reveal the secret that Landeryou didn't want you to know.

Landeryou has repeatedly stolen the Intellectual Property (IP) of scores of individuals, companies and groups, and used them on his website without permission or attribution. What is worse, Landeryou has engaged in cybercrime, through the constant and unapologetic theft of bandwidth.

We invite you to visit his Flickr account, where Landeryou hosts numerous stolen images.

Many of the images hosted on Landeryou's Flickr account are the Intellectual Property of prominent media groups such as Fairfax, News Ltd, and less prominent media groups such as Indymedia. Landeryou has also stolen the IP of political parties such as the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party and the Greens, from organisations such as MU Student Union Ltd (a University of Melbourne owned subsidiary), and individuals' websites (such as MySpace).

Landeryou also engaged in cybercrimes (bandwidth theft) against major media companies (such as the New York Times) through linking directly to images hosted on their servers. This means that the bandwidth theft victim (NYT) has to pay for the image to be loaded on his website. This activity has been linked to the even more serious cybercrime of "Denial of Service" attacks.

This is no victimless crime - Landeryou benefits from substantial advertising revenue (as admitted here) from his slanderous website. This means that he benefits from the proceeds of his crime, which is now more seriously punished in Victoria after the State Government introduced new laws.

What can you do?

Cybercrime and IP theft are serious crimes.

You can report Landeryou's activities to the Federal Police. We at Team Make Landeryou Pay recommend you visit this site for more details.

You can also visit the Federal Government's website, IP Australia, to find out what you can do to stop Landeryou from profiting off of his theft.

Monday, November 20, 2006

GAYDAR: Landeryou's Marriage Breakup Explained?

Dear readers,

Landeryou spends a lot of time on the internet, digging up muck and dirt on his enemies.

He also, it seems, regularly reads, Australia's premier gay match-making website.

Does this explain Landeryou's marriage breakup? Did Kimberly Kitching get involved in a marriage of convenience? Is Landeryou a self-loathing queer?


Sunday, November 19, 2006

BUSTED: Dob in Lying Landeryou

Dear readers,

We at Team Make Landeryou Pay have diligently contacted the Victorian Electoral Commission with the shocking revelation that Andrew Landeryou has knowingly and blatantly broken the Electoral Act.

The response by the Electoral Commission is one of hope, and it gives all Freedom Fighters a chance to personally hold Landeryou to account.

The response reads:
In relation to your assertion that Mr Landeryou has not updated his enrolment address, if you believe that Mr Landeryou does not live where he is enroled (and has not lived there for at least one month), an elector may lodge an objection to his enrolment under section 38 of the Electoral Act 2002 (extract attached). Please note that an objection must be in writing in the prescribed form (copy attached), must set out the ground for the objection and must be signed by the elector.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely

Steve Tully
Electoral Commissioner
Team Make Landeryou Pay has uploaded the form, and the extracts of the Electoral Act, so that you, dear readers, can take action personally.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

HYSTERICAL: Landeryou Admits He Lied

Landeryou's hysterical rants against bike-riders following a tragic death in August this year, provoked a compelling and comprehensive rebuke from "Uncle Joe", who wrote:
In my brief journey into blog world, the left have set themselves up as an easy target. This is mainly based on their ignorance of world politics and a bloody-minded, Anti-American stance.
But if you want to see what paranoid bloody-mindedness that can evolve from the right wing, look no further than the link.

A cyclist knocks over a pedestrian and that person dies.
I hope that person gets the full thrust of the law put on them.
But wait, Andrew Landeryou claims, in hysterical fashion, that all cyclists have a death agenda.
Andrew, your post reeks of paranoia and you look like an idiot.
Get a grip!
Or at least some drugs for your attention disorder.
Landeryou, in typical fashion, cashed in on the death of an old man. As has been established, Landeryou makes considerable income from his various advertisements on his website.

Will he donate this ill-gotten income to the family of the deceased man?

In a rare moment of honesty (!), Landeryou confessed that:
I don't really think they're all trying to kill us.
At least on this one occasion, Landeryou has proven he can swallow his pride and admit he was wrong.

Will he publicly publish his admission of error on his own blog?

REVEALED: Landeryou Under Investigation by the VEC

Dear readers,

We have received advice that Andrew Landeryou is under investigation by the Victorian Electoral Commission for breeches of the Electoral Act.